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Protek, for all your timber treatments and wood coating requirements
For all your timber treatments and wood coating requirements
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Specialist timber treatments for the wood manufacturing industry. We have the ideal solution to colour, protect and preserve any of your timber products.

TECCA HIGH PRESSURE PRESERVERS Protek supplies a range of pressure impregnation chemicals and the strongest yet most competitively priced brown dye on the market. Machinery, service and technical backup available.

A wide range of decorative treatments are available fro fencing, sheds, joinery, garden furniture, trellis and pallets. Our fencing product range is competitively priced while still being light fast.

Protek offer different levels of protection and colouring from a 5:1 concentrated treatment containing high levels of fungal protection right through to a 29:1 which gives an even and consistent colour.

There are a different number of shed treatments available, that are wax and acrylic enriched for increased waterproofing yet are quick drying.

Industrial Wood Protector Pressure Impregnation Chemicals Decorative Treatments Levels of Protection and Colouring

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Retail Range Application Guide
The PROTEK range is simple and safe to apply. The versatility of the product calls for a flexible range of application methods. Use a suitable roller, paint brush or even a garden spray tank.

For your retail customers Protek offer a range of dynamic preservers and coating competitively priced. All our retail products are harmless to pets and plants. Free merchandising stands are available, and to every stockist, free of charge product for external decoration.

WOOD PROTECTOR a multipurpose garden paint that lasts up to 5 years, can even be applied to masonry and terracotta pots. Available in 16 attractive colours from the traditional browns to the more contemporary shades.

CLEAR TOUGH COAT acts as a clear sealant and versatile top coat.

DECKING STAIN is an enriching formula for timber decks. Hard wearing and also ideal for hardwood garden furniture.

SAFE & NATURAL SHED GRADE is an economical treatment that will treat both rough sawn and finish timber. A safe alternative to creosote.

Wood Stain and Protector Clear Tough Coat Decking Stain Safe and Natural

PROTEK retail garden products can help make any garden makeover a stunning success. The versatility of the range allows for enormous creativity to transform old garden furniture or even plain plant pots. Kind to plants and pets, stylish, safe and simple to use. PROTEK products stand up to the weather and the test of time.
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Protek and the Environment

Protek and the Environment

Protek Products
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